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Yehuda Fences Factory

Yehuda Fences is the largest and most advanced company in Israel in the field of fencing, by virtue of the know-how, technology, and unique experience of the company's workers. It is a pioneer in the idea of the use of welded meshes for fencing in Israel. The fences of the Yehuda Group have proven themselves in the field as strong, resistant, and decorative fences, and have for some time become the mandatory standard in Israel. The project managers of the group specialize in matching the type of fences to the special needs of the customer, and accompany the project from the design stage until its completion.


Yehuda Fences Factory

The factory of Yehuda Fences is a pioneer of the idea of making fences from welded meshes. It is located in Beit Shemesh. It manufactures, markets, and installs fences for decoration, safety, security, and sport, and mobile gates and fences in Israel and abroad. The production method of Yehuda permits architects and customers to design the fence by themselves, while incorporating the desired sample, with industrial production.

The group has fencing and security solutions that optimally meet all the needs of the customers with personalized design. It is possible to find the fences of the Yehuda Group in first class security projects in Israel and abroad: peripheral fencing of NATBAG 2000, the ports of Ashdod, Haifa, and Eilat, fencing of IDF bases and security installations, fencing of atomic piles in the US and Canada, fencing of power stations in El Salvador, Turkmenistan, and the UK, fencing of the Embassy compounds of Angola, Washington, and New Delhi.

Yehuda's family of fences:

  • Security fences

  • Fences for public institutions

  • Separation and decorative fences

  • Sport fences

  • Special fences

  • Mobile fences

  • Gates

Yehuda Fences have been authorized for use by the Israeli Police in large events and festivals, and they are manufactured in accordance with Israeli Standard IS 4466 and Israeli Standard IS 4273, and subject to the Israeli standards for safety, IS 1142, and 2142 Part 1, and they undergo galvanizing in accordance with Israeli Standard IS 918 and ISO 9001: 2015.


Yehuda Fences Factory

6 Hayetzira St, West industrial zone, Beit Shemesh


Main Office:

Tel: +972-8-8515757

8 Hayozma St,

North industrial zone, Ashdod


Address for mail:

P.O. Box 14321, Ashdod


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