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The Yehuda Group has many varied customers, including leading building companies in Israel, infrastructure companies, public institutions, local authorities, and government ministries, contractors, and industrial factories.

The Yehuda Group supplies a reliable and professional service of the highest standard to all its customers and maintains a strict standard of production that meets the strictest international and Israeli standards − mandatory standards.

Hourglass | Security fence in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense

An obstacle, 241 km long, along the Israeli-Egyptian border, in which Yehuda Fences took a significant part in construction of its section of the project. We are speaking of cooperation with the Ministry of Defense. The two-layered obstacle fence was erected along the entire border between Kerem Shalom on the Gaza border and Taba, so that the entire border with Egypt has been totally sealed. The fence constructed by the group was modified to meet the needs of the Army and comprises a first layer of dense barbed wire and a second layer of a massive and strong "stupid" steel fence. The fence rises over almost all its length to a height of about 5m, where in certain places its height has been increased, at the request of the Army, to about 7m.

Moshe Aviv Tower | Aviv Ltd 

The famous skyscraper, Moshe Aviv Tower, commemorates the entrepreneur, Moshe Aviv. The Yehuda Group supplied about 11,500 tons of iron during its construction, and the accompaniment of this project was done in cooperation with the engineering department of the group. The Moshe Aviv skyscraper reaches a height of 235m and comprises 68 stories used for residential and business purposes. It is located in Jabotinsky St in Ramat Gan.

Israel Railways Tunnels − Jerusalem Highway | Shapir Pizroti Group

The Israel Railways Tunnels are a national infrastructure project, known also as the A1 project, for which the Yehuda Group supplied about 20,000 tons of iron, bar mats, and elements for the fast electrified railway line that connects Jerusalem to NATBAG. In the construction of the line a number of local records were broken, such as the longest bridge in Israel (1.25 km); the highest bridge in Israel (reaches at its peak a height of about 90m above ground level); the longest tunnel in Israel − 11.6 km long; and the deepest railway station − at a depth of 80m. This is one of the deepest heavy railway stations in the world.

Midtown | Electra

The Yehuda Group supplied about 15,000 tons of iron, bar mats, and elements, customized, for the pair of skyscrapers, that constitute part of an overall area of residential buildings, offices, shopping centers, and public buildings in Begin Way, Tel Aviv. The higher tower of the two reaches a height of 197m and comprises 50 stories. It serves as an office building and is the third largest building in Israel. The other building reaches a height of 183m and is designed for residential purposes. It is the highest residential tower in Israel. Construction of the skyscrapers, in which the Yehuda Group took part, began in 2013 and was completed in 2018.

Rubinstein Towers | BST

A new project, for which the Yehuda Group supplies bar mats, iron, and elements for the construction of a pair of towers ("the Rubinstein Twins"), of 33 stories, that are located in one of the well-known office areas in southern Tel Aviv. The project will be constructed on an overall area of 6.3 dunam, and the built-up area for the two towers, having a four story high entrance lobby, will total 100,000 m2. It will also include five underground parking stories of area of about 31,000 m2.

Main Office:

Tel: +972-8-8515757

8 Hayozma St,

North industrial zone, Ashdod


Address for mail:

P.O. Box 14321, Ashdod


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