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About Us

The Yehuda Group is the largest and leading company in Israel for the recycling of steel, smelting, casting, rolling, production of steel welded mesh, fencing, cutting, bending, and preparation of steel for building sites, etc. The group has ten factories throughout the country and its products are greatly used in the building industry, for infrastructures, security, and agriculture in Israel, ever since its foundation.

Get to know the Yehuda Group

The Yehuda Group is named after the tribe of Yehuda, and was founded in 1974. The company is divided into three main divisions: Yehuda Welded Mesh, Yehuda Steel, and Yehuda Fences. Since its foundation the group provides uncompromising service for its customers from Israel and abroad, by means of the ten factories of the group. The company operates using modern working methods, using very advanced technologies that improve the efficiency of the work, guarantee the quality of production, and aid in protection of the environment. Furthermore, the Yehuda Group meticulously complies with the strictest Israeli and international standards − mandatory standards, and thus supplies quality products in all its fields of activity.

The Yehuda Group has many years of experience in its wide range of activities (steel, welded mesh, and fencing), deep familiarity with the market, and technological strength that enable it to offer a comprehensive and quality range of services, based on innovation, progress, and the capability of responding rapidly and consistently to the frequently changing needs of the market.


The company's values

Advanced and excellent technology in production − The factories of the Yehuda Group work in a precise and professional manner and incorporate up-to-date and trail breaking technology in the production of steel in the world, while meeting the requirements of the steel standards and of the Ministry of the Environment. The Micromil Factory of the Yehuda Group, for example, is the only one of its kind in Israel and the second in the world.

Uncompromising quality − The Yehuda Group complies with the strictest Israeli and international standards − mandatory standards, and in this way supplies quality products in all fields of its activities, for its customers in Israel and throughout the world. The group has a permanent representative in the experts committee of the Israeli Standards Institution and it undertakes to supply all the documents required for starting up a range of projects.

Environmental Standard − The factories of the group comply with the strictest environmental standards. The Yehuda Steel factory recycles about 250,000 tons of ferrous scrap per year and ensures orderly disposal of materials that are unsuitable for recycling, during the entire production process of standard constructional steel by extensive investment in resources for air cleaning (by means of a special air filter) to achieve this aim.


Family relations − Human capital is one of the major values of the group and consequently it takes steps to encourage workers of the company to maintain high motivation and achieve personal strengthening of the individual. The workers in the group work long hours, around the clock, and enjoy a feeling of being part of a family, with fairness and recognition. Their safety and their employment surrounding are a supreme value. In 2001 the Yehuda Group was awarded a certificate of commendation from the Jewish Agency and the coordination office of the economic organizations because of its contribution to absorption of new immigrants.


 Yehuda Welded Mesh was founded


Yehuda Welded Mesh began its activities regarding fencing.


Yehuda Welded Mesh purchased Ram Industries (including factories for recycling, cutting, and rolling) and set up Yehuda Steel.


Yehuda Welded Mesh purchased an additional factory for processing steel in Natanya. Currently Yehuda Center factory of the group is located in Hod Hasharon and supplies services in the field of processing constructional iron.


The Yehuda Group purchased two additional steel processing factories − in Holon and in Akko (the Yehuda North factory).


The Barzelan factory, in Beit Shemesh, joined the factories in the Yehuda Group Foundation of Yehuda Fences − A factory that produces a wide range of fences as part of the overall Yehuda Group.


Foundation of the Micromil Factory − A trail breaking factory in the field of production of steel, in Israel and abroad − the only one of its kind in Israel and the second in the world.


The Yehuda Group purchased Packer Constructional Iron in partnership with Shapir Civil and Marine Engineering Ltd. The new company is called Packer Shefi Steel  Constructional  Ltd.


The Yehuda Group owns ten factories throughout the country and has many customers in Israel and abroad. It operates in three divisions: steel − processing and production of steel rebars; welded mesh− processing of steel welded welded mesh for construction; and fences − production of fences and fencing products.


Contact Us

Main Office:
Tel: +972-8-8515757
8 Hayozma St,
North industrial zone, Ashdod
Address for mail:
P.O. Box 696, Ashdod

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