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The Yehuda Group

The Yehuda Group is one of the largest and leading companies in Israel in the constructional steel industry. The Yehuda Group comprises three divisions:

Yehuda Steel − Production of constructional steel.

Yehuda Welded Mesh − Welded mesh panels, processing of constructional steel, production of elements and piles.

Yehuda Fences − Production and installation of fences and gates.

The Yehuda Group comprises ten factories that constitute the production chain, starting from recycling of the iron as a raw material for the production of constructional steel, and up to finished products made in accordance with the requirements of the constructional engineers and the customers.

The Yehuda Group leads the steel industry in Israel by means of a modern factory for the processing of scrap, and a factory for the production of steel using a trail breaking modern technology, that is the only one of its kind in Israel and the second in the world. The factory produces steel using a continuous process that meets the modern steel standards and the environmental requirements



In the Welded Mesh Group factories, constructional steel is processed in accordance with the customer's plans. Manufacture of standard Welded Mesh and of Welded Mesh in accordance with plans, piles and elements. The factories are deployed throughout the country and permit the supply of reliable and rapid service for customers throughout the country.


Welded Mesh

This is the leading fencing company in Israel, and the sole one supervised by the Israeli Standards Institution. The company manufactures, markets, and installs fences for decoration, safety, security, and sport, as well as gates and mobile fences




Yehuda Steel Welded Mesh was established in 1974 in Ashdod, as a factory for the production of steel welded Welded Mesh for the steel industry. Since its foundation the company has undertaken to supply its customers with efficient, professional, and uncompromising service, while ensuring meeting Israeli and international standards.

Since its foundation the company has consistently and rapidly responded to the changing needs of the market. The company has expanded its activities in accordance with the needs of the market and with the requirements of its customers for additional products, such as steel processing, fencing, piles, and elements. In order to expand and complete the range of products, and to expand its activities, Yehuda Fences purchased in the 1995 the factories for the processing of scrap, smelting, and rolling of Ram Ltd from the official receiver, and also began production of constructional steel.

The Yehuda Group currently recycles steel scrap, smelts and rolls steel for ribbed rebars, processes steel (cutting and bending) in accordance with the plans of the constructional engineers, produces steel welded Welded Mesh of all kinds, piles, and elements, and manufactures and installs fences and gates for decoration, security, safety, sport, as well as mobile fences.

The Yehuda Group is one of the largest and leading companies in its field. The Yehuda Group, a leading company in its field, believes that the human resource is the most important and that the involvement and social responsibility of the company and of its workers should be increased.

The company employs about 850 workers. Warm and family-like relations exist between the management and workers of the company, based on mutual estimation, loyalty, and joint creative enjoyment. As a result of its contribution to the absorption of new immigrants, in 2001 the company was awarded a certificate of commendation by the Jewish Agency and the coordination office of the economic organizations.

The professionalism, skill, experience of many years, deep familiarity with the market, and the strength of the Yehuda Group permit the company to offer a comprehensive and high quality range of services that contain vision, innovation, and progress, and that is able to perfectly supply all the needs of the customers.



Main Office:
Tel: +972-8-8515757
9 Hayozma St,
North industrial zone, Ashdod
Address for mail:
P.O. Box 696, Ashdod

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