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The Yehuda Group believes in the maintenance of green industry and consequently it preserves the environment during the entire production process for standard steel rebars.

Sustainability in the Yehuda Group

The factories of the group comply with the strictest environmental standards. The Yehuda Steel factory recycles about 250,000 tons of ferrous scrap per year by means of absorption and processing of scrap vehicles, industrial waste materials, domestic industry, rails, military vehicles (from the IDF), waste materials from Israel Electric Corporation, and even recycling of drinks cans. After a strict sorting process the processed scrap is sent to the smelting and rolling factories for smelting and the production of iron rebars.


Our product − Constructional rebars made from 100% recycled iron.


In addition we strictly observe the orderly disposal of materials that are unsuitable for the recycling process.

During the entire steel production process, the company devotes resources for purification and cleaning of the air (using a special air filter).


The Environment


Steel Recyckibg




Certificates and Approvals

Main Office:

Tel: +972-8-8515757

8 Hayozma St,

North industrial zone, Ashdod


Address for mail:

P.O. Box 14321, Ashdod


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