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The Piles Factory

A modern factory for the production of piles using high quality automatic welding. Production is in accordance with the engineering design, of various lengths and diameters, accompanied by a personal and skilled team, who provide technical and engineering solutions for the customers.


The Piles Factory

The Piles Factory of the Yehuda Group supplies welded piles in accordance with a plan for projects throughout the country.

The factory is known for its high professional capabilities in the field of production of welded piles.

Welded piles form an efficient solution that constitutes a basis for every project of infrastructures, public buildings, residential buildings, etc.

The skilled and professional team, with the aid of automatic machines, permits the production of piles with high welding quality at the request of the customer.


The Piles Factory

6 Hayetzira St, West Industrial Zone, Beit Shemesh


Main Office:

Tel: +972-8-8515757

8 Hayozma St,

North industrial zone, Ashdod


Address for mail:

P.O. Box 14321, Ashdod


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