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The Barzelan Factory

The Barzelan Factory is a factory that engages in the production of conventional fencing products. It offers overall and quality fencing solutions. The company has accumulated considerable skill and experience that permit it to operate with maximum professionalism and skill in its field. Consequently it can supply a comprehensive variety of quality services, and with imagination. It can also offer modern and advanced solutions and to perfectly meet all the needs of the company's customers.


The Barzelan Factory

The Barzelan factory was founded by the Yehuda Group in 2007. The factory is located in Beit Shemesh. It manufactures fences and fencing products, such as woven meshes, concertinas, barbed wire, and also trades in complementary fencing products such as posts, binding wires, etc..

The factory was awarded the Excellent Exporter's Prize and also received a prize for its appearance, by virtue of its activities in one of the most beautiful parts of Israel. The products of the Barzelan factory manufactured in the company's factories meet the requirements of ISO 9001.

Products of the Barzelan factory:

  • Galvanized woven meshes

  • PVC woven meshes or coated soldered meshes

  • Pasture meshes

  • Hexagonal meshes

  • Galvanized welded meshes



  • Galvanized wires

  • Galvanized braided wires

  • PVC coated wires

  • Black white-hot braided wire

  • Black white-hot binding wire

  • Knife-edged or spiked concertinas

  • Barbed wire

  • Building rails

  • Steel rails

  • Fence posts



The Barzelan Factory

6 Hayetzira St, West industrial zone, Beit Shemesh


Main Office:

Tel: +972-8-8515757

8 Hayozma St,

North industrial zone, Ashdod


Address for mail:

P.O. Box 14321, Ashdod


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